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Thanks from Ukrainian Women's Ministry!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

In our last church forum Jess asked for suggestions of overseas ministries we could send a financial gift to. One was a women's rehabilitation centre in Ukraine. We send them a gift and received this lovely thank you letter...

Thank you very much for participating in our ministry! For us, this was the answer to prayer. This was our first winter in a new house for female rehabilitation. After the first month of cold weather, we realized that we did not have enough budget to pay for utility bills for the whole winter. We started praying and then the answer came through you.

We have served in the rehabilitation ministry for a long time and this women's center has been working for 5 years. It all started with one woman, who decided to leave the usual way of life, good work, a big city, comfort, and move to the village, without any conditions, and engage in women's ministry. During this time, there were many obstacles and problems, and we even stopped the work of the center for one year. However, praise to God, this ministry is developing, and many women from our church are involved in it, (the church has 30 members).

We praise our Lord that through this ministry many people from different places of Ukraine found salvation. New rehabilitation centers were started, missionaries and ministers sent to other churches. Our church is working very closely with rehabilitation centers, as people began to live in our town to help us in the ministry. Our church is 2 years old. Our main ministry is rehabilitation. It is such a blessing to see how God uses people from the rehabilitation center in our town in other ministries. We are also involved with the work with local youth, visiting the sick, disabled, and the needy. This is God's glory! Only God can change the hearts of men and women in such a way!

Thank you for participating in our ministry! We are one family in Christ!
God's blessings to you!


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