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Helen Fernandes


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1) Sum up what kind of person you are in 5 words.

People-centred, creative, committed, fun-loving and ginger

2) Which aspect of the church are you responsible to steer?

I’m the minister. I oversee the Sunday teaching series, home groups, prayer, and generally supporting people to follow Jesus.

3) What are you passionate to see happen in this part of our church life?

I’m passionate about seeing God’s love freeing more people here to live to the full. I want our church to really make a difference in our area, building God's kingdom spiritually and practically. 

4) Which 5 words sum up the kind of church you want to see here in the Royal Docks?

Family, Disciples, Serving, Fun, Catalyst

5) What’s your ‘real job’? What do you do in the working week?

I work as CEO for West Silvertown Foundation as a Community Developer. WSF is a local charity which manages Britannia Village Hall, and Royal Wharf Community Dock. I oversee all of our work, from under 5s projects to ESOL classes, and spend a lot of my time talking with developers and stakeholders about how to make the Royal Docks the best possible place for people who live here. I'm also vice-chair of trustees for Britannia Education Trust, who run the primary schools in Britannia Village and Royal Wharf.

6) What’s the best thing about life in the Royal Docks?

2 things:
Walking around Britannia Village and seeing people you know (it reminds me of actual village life!)
Going up on the footbridge on a really hot, stuffy day, putting your arms in the air and feeling the breeze

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