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Chloe Lee

Community outreach

1) Sum up what kind of person you are in 5 words.

Sociable, friendly, extroverted, optimistic, tap-dancer!

2) Which aspect of the church are you responsible to steer?

Community building.

3) What are you passionate to see happen in this part of our church life?

To see relationships built and community created.

4) Which 5 words sum up the kind of church you want to see here in the Royal Docks?

Inclusive, outward-facing, compassionate, community-loving, diverse. 

5) What’s your ‘real job’? What do you do in the working week?

I'm a community developer for West Silvertown Foundation, based at Royal Wharf Community Dock.

6) What’s the best thing about life in the Royal Docks?

Being surrounded by water- I was raised by the seaside so I love the water! I also love the community feel in the royal docks, I feel it's very unique, especially in London which can feel so big and isolating. I love that the royal docks feels like home. 

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